Kashmir is the northern most union territory of India surrounded by China in the east and north east, Pak occupied Kashmir in north as well as west and states of Himachal and Punjab in the south. It bounded by the Himalayan ranges of Pir Panjal, Zanskar and Karakoram on its outskirts which shape it as a bowl and play an important role in making it the most beautiful place on this planet.

Kashmir has snow clad mountains on its periphery and a good crisscross of rivers and streams in the entire valley. It has vast expanses of meadows and beautiful gardens that win the heart and mind of locals as well as tourists. Kashmir valley is known for growing variety of fruits in the summer season and having picturesque natural beauty during the winter snow fall. It offers lots of opportunity for tourism, trekking, adventure sports and enjoying the divine beauty of nature.

People of Kashmir are peace loving by nature and enjoy the natural beauty of the land that the nature has gifted them. They are known to be good hosts and are very helpful to the tourists. People love going out with friends and family members for picnic and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Kashmir is known to have a variety of delicious dishes that has been cherished by everyone over the ages. It has a long list of mouthwatering delicacies that have been favorites of the masses since ages. These dishes are prepared with lots of spices that add to taste and have lots of medicinal value.

Kashmir has a reputation for its rich cultural heritage with music, dance, literature and poetry having a distinct touch of uniqueness.

There are various forms of folk dances and folk songs that are practiced in the society on the occasion of particular festivals and provide a distinct color to Kashmiri culture. This unique culture has a blend of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism that make it distinct. Some of the traditions are prevalent in the Kashmiri society since Vedic ages while some have come to this valley from Tibet, Persia and Afghanistan. Sufism gained lots of importance in the medieval period and many shrines are dedicated to the Sufi saints in Kashmir.
With development in infrastructure and communication, Kashmir has become one of the favorite destinations for the tourists. Meandering roads on snow capped mountains, cycling tracks amidst whistling pine woods provide some of the best biking and cycling opportunities in the world.
River rafting and kayaking are enjoyed by various aqua sports lovers in the rivers and streams that have varied degrees of rapids. Various river rafting expeditions are undertaken from time to time.
Snow sledging, skiing, trekking, camping, viewing the lakes situated on top of the hills are some of the adventure sports that are gaining popularity with passage of time and attract lots of tourists. It is expected that in the time to come, large number of national as well as international tourists will be attracted to these destinations and the local economy will be benefitted.


Kashmir is a land of promise and opportunities. It has tremendous scope for growth of tourism that provides quality entertainment to the visitors. This place is vibrant with touch of beauty and has ability to provide a new spark in life. Anyone who visits this place carries lifelong pleasant memories. It is rightly called “ZINDA DIL KASHMIR”.

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