You have to learn your One lesson, Somehow

This will not be wrong to a sunrise that Pakistan as a nation and its rulers have taken a vow not to learn one lesson from the past. 16 December 1971 was a black day in the history of Islam when Pakistan, the largest country in the Islamic world suffered a humiliating defeat was bifurcated. Some analysts would say that the situation of 1971 has been recreated in recent years. In 1971, India was conspiring in East Pakistan. Its agents were spread throughout the eastern region. This is what it is doing today in Balochistan, Sindh, and KP via Afghanistan. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi admits that India fully supported the separation of Dhaka. Even today India is active in occupied and Azad Kashmir and what are we doing??

The 1970 election was declared transparent, but there should be no doubt about the revelations made by former DG, IB, Ehsan Ghani. On May 31, 1969, Yum-e-Shaukat-e Islam had predicted the outcome of the 1970 elections, but the Establishment refused to accept it. What happened afterwards was destined to happen. In 1970, Result Transmission System (RTS) failed just as badly as it did in 2018, and this is not the first time that this has happened. It is wrong to say that the characters were not exposed. Now all the characters are before us: Bhutto’s mistakes or lust for power; the folly of General Yahya Khan and then General Niazi’s surrender.

The folly of keeping the winner of 1970 elections out of power cost us dearly. If 4,000 to 6,000 local Mujahideen in occupied Kashmir have been giving a tough time to 1 million Indian troops for the last 32 years, then why did 93,000 armed soldiers surrendered so meekly on the basis of one order from above? The turmoil Pakistan is facing today is the outcome of the controversial election of 2018. There are objections to election results, objection to election laws but no one agrees to change the method of polls. No one agrees to fix the election laws. No one agrees to give the people the right to choose their representatives.

At present, the problem of the government is the opposition and the problem of the opposition is Imran Khan. Interestingly, the leaders seem to have forgotten the problems of the people. Certainly, the major fault of the people is that they are behaving like a mob. Media is in the driver’s seat in this whole exercise. It is as if no one is willing to learn a lesson from the tragedy of the fall of Dhaka. Here people keep flaunting about how lively their nation is, but they must understand that nation can only survive if they are prepared to learn from history.

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