The Resurrection of Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir

The motivation behind an ideology contains a power to stimulate a tendency of difference that in Kashmir had been radicalization. All the time spew of hatred and no concern for the peace and normalization adds to the growth of disaffection among the masses. Even a single testimony develops a large picture before the anger-ridden people who have been witnessing the conflict since three decades. The soft-liners in behavior are the bedrocks of the terrorism, who garner the white collar militancy with their distinct skills and maneuverability with the support of terror sponsors from outside.

The links of the white collar militants are spread across with their image in the society but the reality lie beneath their social structure that provides them a place to hide and propagate the network even further. If a research is made to find out the conflict entrepreneurs, one can find the relatives of separatists in front of the line. In almost all three decades the beneficiaries have been the White Collar militants who have taken a highest seat in society with a black hole in their intentions inside.

The society needs to pin them out while looking onto their actions, maintaining a gap from them and countering them with reality. Our knowledge plays a crucial part here, anyone trying to spread venom should be dealt with utter truth which is evident to all. The space should be narrowed around them to avoid the society from being radicalized anymore.

When a person with a clear character remain devoid of a job and a separatists relative gets a job, there starts to arise a problem that disturbs the whole situation. This way the money from state-exchequer is withdrawn and employed in disturbing the whole scenario. Thus white collar terrorists take charge and spread whatever they could with the support of the terror masters from behind. Things become crystal clear over here if managed properly.


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