The J&K government has approved first-ever Film Policy-2021

The Jammu and Kashmir government has approved first-ever J&K Film Policy-2021 and as per the policy, subsidy would be given to filmmakers for shooting in J&K. Besides, the government is considering to encourage and incentivize owners to re-open closed cinema halls in Kashmir.

The single-window mechanism will be headed by the chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Film Development Council (JKFDC). Filmmakers must apply online from the J & K single-window portal

The filmmakers should be granted conditional approval/rejection within the shortest time (2-4 weeks) after submitting the complete application on the Single Window Portal). The complete directory of all locations available for filming at J&K shall be hosted on the Single Window Portal to facilitate filmmakers.

The final authorization so granted shall include the details of the Node Administrator and Node Security Officer. The Node Security Officer is a police station officer and is responsible for facilitating the shooting of security and police-related issues. Appropriate security and safety arrangements are made free of charge so that filmmakers can complete the shoot.

J&K’s film policy states that there are grants for filming the first, second and third films, grants for films produced by award-winning producer directors, television shows, web series, OTT original shows and documentaries. If the filmmaker gives J & K a local artist a job opportunity, an additional grant will be offered. This additional subsidy must be up to Rs. Rs 500,000 for a movie featuring the cast of five or more of J & K’s leading local artists.

The subsidy will also be provided for films produced to patronize “One Nation, Best Nation” (Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat), as well as other specific themes determined by JKFDC. The Jammu and Kashmir Government will also contact filmmakers and prominent filmmakers to act as Jammu and Kashmir’s brand ambassador for film tourism.

Producers and their crew have priority booking privileges when acquiring accommodation.

The government will promote the provision of runways and their air resources for outdoor filming in UT at rates set by JKFDC through a single-window clearance mechanism.

These incentives are for 5 years.

After five years later, Jammu & Kashmir Film Development Council will decide whether to continue the incentive.

The government will promote the establishment of film studios and processing laboratories until a fully active film city is established in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Government will also encourage the owners to reopen closed cinemas.

“The J& K Government shall encourage existing cinema hall owners to create modern equipment through various incentives. All incentives for such units shall comply with the provisions of J & K Industrial Policy 2021,” states the policy.

All cinema halls in the Valley are closed after the outbreak of militancy.

The policy further states that those persons will be offered incentives who will built new Multiplexes and cinema halls in Jammu and Kashmir.

J&K Film Division will be constituted under the Information and Public Relations Department.

The tax incentives for films production shall be provided as per Jammu and Kashmir Industrial Policy 2021.

The government envisages to establish a training Institute of Performing and Visual Arts which will offer long term courses on Film making and short-term courses to develop skill sets such as Camera attendant’s skills, production staff, art setting etc. Pending the establishment of such institutes, the services of already established institutes like EMMRC (Department of Electronics, Multimedia Research Centre), University of Kashmir and FTTI, Pune shall be utilized, whenever required.

The Government will also promote the setting up of film studios and processing labs until a fully active film city is established in Jammu & Kashmir.

Courtesy : BK

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