An ideal teacher makes an ideal school and an ideal school develops an ideal society.

The school teachers are our great leaders who make our students; guaranteeing our future by mindful care of the real treasure in students. The role of teachers is now diverse and pivotal in social, cultural and moral development of a complex society.

Every year on 5th of September we recall and remember the teachers as most of them remain in oblivion, unsung heroes.

5th September is celebrated as Teachers Day across the country in honour of the second president of India Dr. SR Radhakrishna an educationist par excellence who was born on this day; nation pays tribute to nation builders.

APJ Abdul Kalam described teachers and teaching with dexterity as; “Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me”. The teachers are the best! Every time truth is forgotten, they are the ones who revive it. The ideal teacher makes an ideal school and an ideal school develops an ideal society.

The teachers are noble and novel in intention and immerse themselves in the unrefined vibes of minds to make concrete from abstract. Ideal teachers delvelop deep into the psyche of students to ignite thinking and help them imbibe values and valour and make the learners worthwhile and loveable creatures. They hone the life skills in individuals and influence them by their empathetic values.

They enable the students to think positively and feel perfectly. It is a real teacher who takes a hand of student, opens the mind and touches chord of heart; that is why the NEP 2020 has underscored the role of teacher as the center of the fundamental reforms in education system.

It will help to reestablish teachers at all levels, as the most respected and essential member of our society, as they shape out next generation.

Hazrat Ali said a great teacher is so important that even if he/she conveys a single message the student owes him or her lifetime. Prophet (S. A. W) said: “Seek knowledge and train to be dignified and calm while seeking knowledge and humble yourselves with those whom you learn from” (Tabarani).

It is a teacher who illuminates the lives of students. These teachers influence students passionately and leave a long lasting impact on the lifestyle of students.

The NEP has set the salient features of good teachers based on liberty, responsibility, pluralism, equity and justice. They should possess life skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork, and resilience as they have multi-pronged responsibilities in the teaching learning ecosystem.

The quality of human resources is developed by higher order thinking skills, effective communication and innovative strategies. The teacher must be adapted to learn the curriculum goals and objectives and able to deliver and demonstrate among students. The ideal teacher should adhere to professional ethics and attributes as this ethics is the very essence of successful life.

His lacunas and flaws can catapult in social, moral, other problems and crises in society. Teachers must be prone to patient listeningand approaching students. NEP has envisioned that the primary goal of teachers is to overhaul the service environment. They should continuously improve their professional abilities and fund of knowledge so as to deliver effectively.

Teachers should ensure that they are part of vibrant caring communities. They should ensure decent and pleasant service conditions at schools. Educators need to be proactive in understanding the ethos, the aims, objectives.

According to the NEP they must upskill themselves with rigorous professional development programmes. It is vital for teachers to have strong coordination, cooperation and motivation to transform students’ lives through skill and character building.

NEP emphasises the teachers to contribute their best, make sacrifice and efforts to uphold the dignity, respect, and honour of this profession.

Govt should reciprocate the teacher with incentives and promotion and uphold the glory of this profession for a better future.


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