Irshad of Maharaja Partap Singh, Edict of Abdication March 8, 1889

My dear brother Raja Amar Singh,
In the interests of the State’ and for better administration of the country, and with a view to remodel it, as near as possible, on the English system, I hereby authorise a Council the members of which, for period of five years, will conduct all the public affairs of the State as they think best. The members will be as follows:
Raja Ram Singh and Raja Amar Singh,
An English member, specially selected by the Government of India on a salary Rs.2,000 or 3,000 per month.
Rai Bahadur Suraj Kaul and Rai Bahadur Bhag Ram.
This Council will have full and sole powers in all the public
Departments of the State for a period of hive years.
In the event of a vacancy occurring among the three last members during the prescribed period of five years the Government of India will be asked to nominate a new member.
After the expiration of the said period of five years the Maharaja will have the power of reorganising the administration if he finds it necessary to do so.
This period of five years will count from the date of this edict.
The Council will not interfere in any way with the private affairs of the Maharaja.
The Maharaja will continue to draw his monthly allowance for his privy purse as hitherto, no change whatever being made.
The jagirs and other grants of immoveable, movable property hitherto made by the Maharaja will hold good and the Council will not interfere.
All usual expenses connected with marriages and other family customs will be provided by the State.
Of my two brothers I will myself appoint one as President of the Council.
During the said period of five years the Maharaja will not interfere and will have no voice in the administration of the public affairs of the State, but he will continue to enjoy the honorary rights and position of Maharaja.
The Council have no power to alter existing treaties without the previous approval of the Maharaja. The Council will have no power to assign jagirs or immovable property of the State or to make new rules on such subjects without the consent of the Maharaja.
Signed and sealed by His Highness,the Maharaja
Seal of the ‘ State”. On 27th Bhagan, 1945, – 8th March, 1889

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