Pakistani forces have allegedly detained seven people from Sindhi nationalist parties over the past three days.

The Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh (VMPS), Sindh Sajagi Forum, and Sindh Sabha issued separate statements on their official social media pages, saying that the Pakistani state has accelerated the forced disappearances of Sindhi workers throughout Sindh — “It seems that they [Pakistani forces] want to repeat the example of Bangladesh in Sindh and Balochistan,” they said.

Sindhi nationalists said the Pakistan Army and its agencies are committing gross human rights violations in Sindh. “In the last three days, more than seven Sindhi activists have been picked up from different areas of Sindh and forcibly disappeared,” the online statement reads.

“We strongly condemn the attack and vandalism by Pakistani agencies at the Sindh Sabha office in Karachi last night and forcibly disappearance of two Sindhi activists namely Sajjad Panhiar and Raja Gabol, while on the other hand, a young student Asghar Bhangwar was picked up for the second time from Bilal Colony area of Korangi and shifted to an undisclosed location,” the Sindh Sabha said in a statement.

The Sindhi nationalists alleged that before this, political activist Asghar Bhangwar has been forcibly disappeared – Apart from them, Barkat Piruzani, Liaquat Piruzani, Asghar Shah, and Ahsan Lashari have also been forcibly disappeared from other areas of Sindh.

All the groups called for strong protests across Sindh and urged the people to highlight the “state brutality” in Sindh.

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