Sadar-i-Riyasat’s letter to Sheikh Abdullah on August 8, 1953

Karan Mahal,
August 8, 1953.

My dear Sheikh Abdullah,
You will recall that in the course of our meeting today, I conveyed to you my deep concern at the serious differences which exist in your Cabinet. I impressed upon you the im-mediate necessity for restoring harmony and unity or purpose among the members of the Cabinet in the execution of its policies. You were, however, unable to assure me that these acute differences could be remedied.
This conflict within the Cabinet has for a considerable time been causing great confusion and apprehension in the minds of the people of the State. The situation has reached an unprecedented crisis with the effect that three or your four Cabinet colleagues have, in a memorandum to you, a copy of which they have sent to me, expressed their complete dissatis-faction with your action and policies, which have lost the present Cabinet and confidence of the people. This document clearly indicates that the divergence with in your Cabinet has reached proportions in which the unity prosperity and stability of the State are gravely jeopardised.
When we met today, I further suggested to you that an emergency meeting of the cabinet should be held at my residence this evening so that we could jointly explore the possibilities of securing a stable, unified and efficient Government for the country. But to my regret you evaded the issue.
Under these conditions, I, as Head of the State, have been forced to the conclusion that the present Cabinet cannot conti-nue in Office any longer and hence, I regret to inform you that I have dissolved the Council of Ministers headed by you A copy of my order in this connection is attached herewith.
I need hardly add how deeply distressed I was at having to take this action, but the vital interests of the people of the State, which it is my duty to safeguard, leave me no alternative. I trust that this will in no way affect the mutual regard and cordial feelings we have for each other.
Yours sincerely,
(Sd/-) Karan Singh

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