The Resurrection of Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir

It needs to be analysed very deeply as to why Pakistan and its Army are hell bent upon disturbing normal life , peace and tranquillity in Jammu and Kashmir . For the last many months successively it has been concentrating on widening its nefarious and sinister designs especially in Jammu division which, however, each time are thwarted and smashed by our valiant security forces before causing any damage. It is quite astonishing that a country which is economically in a shambles and the condition worsening day by day due to no foreign aid or any loans advanced by the global monetary organisations and which cost even the demise of its previous “elected” Pakistani Government should have enough resources and according priorities for fomenting trouble for this country in Jammu and Kashmir.

The mischief by Pakistan and its agencies on a continuous basis against the UT and the country on the whole is also in the form of incessant attempts to smuggle drugs and narcotic substances to sustain militancy and associated violence and entrap gullible young persons towards taking drugs since as latest as on August 25, the BSF jawansyet again foiled successfully a major attempt to smuggle in drugs and narcotic substances from across the border in Samba sector in Jammu division. So, by employing multiple debased designs against the UT by Pakistan must necessarily be met with a strong and befitting response.
In other words, by employing strategies and counter measures than the usual ones alone can put an end to such detestable manoeuvrings of Pakistan. What we feel is recently capturing live in Nowshera, Rajouri district , the infiltrators and other armed persons sent direct by the ISI, the Pakistani Army and other state sponsored terror agencies of that country, provides vital inputs and details about other sinister designs stitched constantly against this country by Pakistan. The recent thwarting and nipping of a major plot to disturb peace and traditional harmony in Jammu and sending human suicide bombers known as Fidayeento attack army camps indicate designs and conspiracies hatched towards causing maximum damage by blowing themselves up also in congested areas.

“Any civilised nation and any believer in human values and liking peace and tranquillity would never think of even employing such mean tactics to achieving nothing at all except only spilling of innocents’ blood.”

Any person having head on one’s shoulders would think what were the gains obtained by such blood spilling all these four decades, as we repeatedly keep lamenting about , except taking satanic sadistic pleasures by Pakistan. Again, it is quite intriguing as to why Government of India, despite increasingly reeling under and rather silently bearing the brunt of the proxy war of terror and mayhem unleashed by Pakistan against this country now for four decades in a row, does not declare Pakistan as a ”Terrorist country”. There must be some compelling diplomatic considerations the limitations of which perhaps, are precluding India from taking such a step. It is an irony that despite wide range of devastation caused economically, socially, culturally and even politically by Pakistan on account of the induction of gun right from 1988 into Jammu and Kashmir, India had granted the “most favoured nation” to Pakistan in 1996 under the influence of the WTO which, however, was rescinded by the Government following martyrdom of 40 of our CRPF brave hearts in February 2019 bomb attack in Lethpora Pulwama in Kashmir.

We have the requisite wherewithal and the upper hand in regulating water supply to Pakistan under Indus Water Treaty by stopping at least that part of our share of water not used from out of the said treaty and it is really unfortunate and unbecoming on the part of those few politicians who feel rattled by the mooting of the idea by the Government of India of stopping that portion of water from out of our share which we do not feel the need to use. What we mean is that India must exercise the option of using every available counter strategy against that country mainly where their economy directly or indirectly suffers just to put pressure on it to stop the amuck policy of sponsoring and sustaining infiltration and sending of armed mercenaries to disturb Jammu and Kashmir. The captured live Pakistani fidayeen presently undergoing the (best) treatment in Rajouri Hospital for injuries sustained by him in exchanging of fire with the security forces, is a prized catch as heis reported to have spilled the beans about the diabolical plots hatched by Pakistani Army’s some one known as Colonel Yunus by sending as many as five fidayeen to target Indian troops in Jammu sector.

Courtesy : Daily Excelsior

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