Legal Document No 5


It may not be worth while to alter the designation of the Officer on Special Duty, though his present designation is cumbrous and absurd. His duties are not special but the ordinary duties of an Agent or a ‘Charged’ Affairs’. But there is no magic in the word ‘Resident’. Whatever the Maharaja may think, and I am not aware that the powers of a Resident as such are anywhere strictly defined, they would probably vary with the degree of control exercised by the Paramount power. I myself am of the opinion that ‘Agent to the Governor-General’ would be more appropriate designation and one less likely to terrify the Maharaja and as High Highness has a Vakil or Agent with the Governor-General he would hardly be astonished that the Governor-General should have a Vakil or Agent with him. No matter what the Officer is called, his position should be strengthened, in justice to him and to the Darbar.

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