This agreement on border problems, arrived at between the Prime Minister of India and Pakistan relates to exchange of enclaves in the east and to consider settling the Hussainiwala and Suleimanke disputes in the west. The agreement is arrived on September 12, 1958
Nehru-Noon Agreement On Border Problems
September 12, 1958
On the invitation of the Prime Minister of India, the Prime Minister of Pakistan visited New Delhi from the 9th to the 11th September 1958. During this visit, the Prime Ministers of Pakistan and India discussed various Indo-Pakistan border problems with a view, to removing causes of tension and establishing peaceful conditions along the Indo-Pakistan border areas.
The Prime Ministers had frank and friendly discussions about these border problems. They arrived at agreed settlements in regard to most of the border disputes in the eastern region. They also agreed to an exchange of enclaves of the former Cooch Behar State in Pakistan and Pakistan enclaves in India.
Some of the border disputes, namely, two regarding the Radcliffe and Bagge Awards in the eastern region, and five in the western region, require further consideration.
The Prime Ministers agree to issue necessary instructions to their survey staff to expedite demarcation in the light of the settlements arrived at and to consider further methods of settling the disputes that are still unresolved. In regard to the Hussainiwala and Suleimanke disputes, the Foreign Secretary of the Government of Pakistan and the Commonwealth Secretary of the Government of India, will, in consultation with their engineers, submit proposals to the Prime Ministers.
The Prime Ministers agreed that when areas are exchanged, on agreed dates, as a result of settlement and demarcation of these disputed areas, an appeal should be made to the people in the areas exchanged to continue staying in their present homes as nationals of the State to which the areas are transferred. The Prime Ministers further agreed that, pending the settlement of unresolved disputes and the demarcation and exchange of territory by mutual agreement, there should be no disturbance of the status quo by force and peaceful conditions must be maintained in the border regions. Necessary instructions in this regard will be issued to the respective States and to the local authorities on the border.
The Prime Ministers agreed to keep in touch with each other with a view to considering various steps to be taken to further their common objective of maintaining and developing friendly and cooperative relation between their two countries.

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