“National players” demand exemplary punishment for organizers of Aurat-March

“National players” have demanded exemplary punishment for the organizers of “aurat-march” on 8 March. National level players from all fields, i.e., cricket, hockey, and wrestling, have expressed their surprise at the silence of the women who claim to be supporters of Riasat-e-Madina. They said that the “aurat-march” was a disrespect to the Prophet and his wife Hazrat Ayesha. This, they said, was a conspiracy against Pakistan, Islam, and Muslim women. The government should investigate the role of the western NGOs and their funding and take harsh actions against the guilty.

Former fast bowler of Pakistan’s cricket team Shabir Ahmed demanded that “the government must investigate into the matter and expose the people who raised blasphemous slogans during the aurat-march”. He also said that an “international group is trying to promote homosexuality in Pakistan. The women participants of the 8 March aurat-march were sponsored by the same group.” Former fast bowler and junior member of the Selection Committee Amir Nazir said that “the people disrespectful towards the eminent personalities of Islam and those who promote homosexuality in Pakistan are like a chronic disease for the society”.

Former captain of Pakistan’s hockey team Samiullah Khan said that “prior to the advent of Islam the women were deprived of their basic rights. They were sold in the markets. In modern times also, in the name of liberalism and modernism women are being treated as objects in the name of women’s rights. The woman has become a commodity in the market, which has devalued her dignity and self-worth. Indeed the rights and status given to a woman by Islam are not found in any other religion.”

A former captain of Pakistan’s hockey team Zeeshaan Ashraf said that “In the pretext of aurat-march, homosexuality and other vulgarity are being promoted in Pakistan. There is no pace for the slogans like ‘our body, our desire’ in Islam. A few westernized women are trying to promote similar freedom in Pakistan. Such ‘free’ women are like chronic diseases for the society”.

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