Kashmir rejects the propaganda of Pak and its Mercenaries

The 9th February, a date often manipulated by the Pakistan and its mercenaries to provoke the bad sentiments. It has only relevance with Kashmir though, the name of the terrorist and his residence. Whichever the place a terrorist belongs to, the result of his intentions is terrorism; causing harm to the innocent population of the country. It matters less, whether the terrorist belongs to Kashmir or, to Delhi. It’s the actions- playing in hands of someone else, that drags the inhumane-mentality to the worst character.

One such terrorist in person was Afzal Guru, for his involvement in the terrorism, he was hanged in Tihar Jail in New Delhi on Feb. 9, 2013 on charges of his involvement in the 2001 attack on parliament in which 14 people, including five gunmen, were killed. Pakistan continues to back the terrorists to destabilize the peace in our region. Moreover, it had resorted to such infamous tactics earlier and plans to do the same in future as well.

Pakistan has no sympathy for the Kashmiris but, they have always wished to unbalance the friendly relation of India and the Kashmir in particular. In the path to destabilize the region, they speak ill, to maintain their needless role in the region. Their only roles include enmity, protests backing, backing sloganeering and likewise. What they get in return is the distraction of in-state problems that they have been facing through decades, whether it be economy, political instability or, religious extremism.

For many years the Pakistan’s propaganda showed some results in the region Kashmir, but with the time they were exposed and the as of now, all their passive and active roles are crystal and clear before the people. Who in return respond to the atrocities that Kashmiris were subjected to, through three decades of their proxy war via Separatism, gun culture and the ideological battle. Now, it is in the greater interest of the common people to counter the forwarded propaganda and positively give out a shut-up call to them and their mercenaries.

Courtesy: Kashmir Rights Forum

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