Jammu and Kashmir Government targets to engage over 3.5 million youngsters in sports activities this year. Jammu and Kashmir sports council has been assigned the task to engage over 3 million youth from Jammu and Kashmir in various sporting activities. The central government has been pushing to make Jammu and Kashmir a sports hub of the country. 

To keep youngsters away from anti-national activities, secessionist mindset and drug abuse, a massive change in the sports infrastructure is being carried out across Jammu and Kashmir. Many new stadiums of international level have been thrown open with 1.75 million youngsters expected to participate in sports activities this year. 

“Last year around 1.7 million youngsters participated in the sports activities in Jammu and Kashmir, and this was despite the Covid pandemic. It’s a great achievement for the sports council and sports department. It’s the hard work of all the staff and youth. The target is that around 3.5 million or more youngsters should take part in the sports activities this year. Jammu and Kashmir will write a new history in sports. The initiative by the sports council will reach the remotest areas of the UT,” said Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Sportspersons from the Kashmir Division have shown great performance in the national games in various sports. Hundreds of Medals have been brought by these young athletes in national and international tournaments. And now the government plans to take these sports activities to every corner of the union territory. Under the Back to Villages programme, the sports council has been arranging for at least one sporting activity for the youth in every panchayat of the union territory. 

“There has been a lot of enhancement in sports. In the last year, as LG said, 1.75 million youngsters have taken part in various sports activities. The target has been achieved by the sports council. Now, a target of 3.5 million has been given and we will for sure surpass this target. We will provide a platform for the youth. There will be a sport played in every panchayat in Jammu and Kashmir,” said Sarmad Hafeez, Secretary, Youth Service and Sports. 

Jammu and Kashmir also received a special package from the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A 200-crore package has been given to the union territory. Special sports festivals are being organised in every district of Union territory to look for talent in these smaller areas and train them to become professional athletes. 

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