Pak cabinet has approved an ordinance to bypass all the procedures for selling assets to foreign countries in order to prevent the country from defaulting.

In 1971, with creation of Bangladesh, it was proved again that creating a country on basis of religion was bound to fail. Then the obsession with Kashmir took Pakistan the dooms way

“Yeh sab nikamme hain…nakaara hain…bas apna ghar bhar lete hain aur awaam gayi chulhe mein…” “Bilji toh bas kuchh gante aati hai…phone bhi charge nahin hota…”. “Ab kahte hain ki mobile aur internet band ho jayega kyonki bijli nahi hai….arre, tumko kya maloom awaam par kya guzar rahi hai?” “Gandum mehenga, petrol mehenga, gosht mehnga, dollar mahenga….kya ho raha hai?” “Sab chor hain…ek hukumat mein aata hai ek jaata hai….bari bari se chori karte hain aur vilayat bhaag jaate hain..”

These are just some of furious comments of the people in Pakistan. Violent protests occur every day on the streets to protest against unprecedented inflation and related public problems. The public is not at fault…. their leadership has failed them as always. FOREX reserve are at all time low, inflation is touching all time high of 22 percent, dollar is at whooping 205 Pakistani rupees, fuel prices have been hiked thrice, FATF grey list ignominy continues, friendly countries are not offering loans and the Chinese debt trap increasing every day. China has given $ 2.3 Bn to Pakistan which has temporarily elated the spirits of the current government but overall FOREX reserves are barely sufficient for imports of essentials for next two months. People are suspecting that this money will as always, go into the pockets of the corrupt. IMF is playing a hard ball with Pakistan. It knows the Pakistan’s credibility and has thus placed tough pre-conditions on the Pakistani establishment especially with respect to fuel prices and taxes. IMF has also instructed that the six Billon US dollars loan that may be extended to Pakistan should not be used to repay China’s loan. Overall, around 55 Billion US dollars debts are due from Pakistan….mind blowing. World is suspecting Pakistan going the Sri Lanka way. But how is the government planning to save the country from economic collapse ? Well……praying!! This is the only thing that can save Pakistan now. But the government is also doing another thing – that is: blaming the previous government for the fiasco and the ousted Prime Minister is trying to rally the public against the “Imported Hukumat” ….. the typical cheap Pakistani political bickering continues. At the same time, Balochistan, Pashtun and Sindhi freedom movements are simmering. To make matters worse, TTP has achieved such a stature that it is negotiating with the government on equal basis. It has demanded that FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that have been merged wrongly be separated again and Pakistan Army be withdrawn from FATA. It has even dared to make fun of Pakistan Army by saying that it will have to surrender to TTP as it did to India in 1971.

While the country grapples with plethora of vexed problems, ISI and Pakistani Army are still busy playing their dirty game in Kashmir and Afghanistan. If the funds that are being misused to run proxy war in Kashmir and nefarious activities in Afghanistan, the government exchequer may get revived. But that does not seem to be the agenda. The ISI and Pakistan Army continue to recruit, train and infiltrate terrorists into Kashmir. Also, as always, Pakistani Army indulges in regime changes and handling political environment. Perhaps the only ‘Army with a country’, Pakistani Army is deeply involved in commercial activities across the country. Its corrupt Generals like ‘Papa John’ and the likes made big money from the CPEC. Many of them are settled abroad comfortably.

While Pakistan runs a proxy war in Kashmir, its own government is being run through proxy from London. What a joke Pakistan has become; an ex Prime Minister facing serious corruption charges escapes abroad and then puts his brother as Prime Minister and son as chief minister of a province. This is the real problem of Pakistan……deep routed feudalism, corruption and lack of nationalism. Perhaps Qaid-e-Azam did not see this coming but many Pakistan thinkers did prophesied long back that disparate groups of people brought together by an accident of history could never coexist amicably. This was evident before first marshal law when politicians exhibited that left to them, they would make the country akin to a fish market. In 1971, with creation of Bangladesh, it was proved again that creating a country on basis of religion was bound to fail. Then the obsession with Kashmir took Pakistan the dooms way. To sustain proxy wars in Afghanistan and Kashmir, Pakistan was getting monetary assistance from outside which dried up gradually but foolishly it still continues to spend substantial funds on it. Now with the FATF sword hanging, dirty money for the same cannot be generated overtly hence is clandestinely pulled out of the exchequer. As a result, the money that could be spent in revival of economy is being misused for running proxy war in Kashmir and disturbing Afghanistan.

Pakistan ki awaam…ab toh sambhal jaao…..Kashmir mein dahshatgardi mat failao…..tum apna mulk bachao.

Courtesy : Mir Mohsin

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