Bisma Ayoub

Bisma Ayoub, a 24-year-old girl from Srinagar, Kashmir. An award winning Author from Jammu and Kashmir who previously with her mesmerising words and poetry received huge appreciation and name in the valley and with her first book.

She made an entry in India Book Of Records, India’s World Record, Profile of International Talents and Intellectuals, India’s Top 100 Authors and much more.

“Bisma Ayoub started her writing journey in 2013 and never looked back. She explored herself to the utmost extreme and believes in Learning.”

Her books “The Creative Minds” and “Mukhtasar (A short journey of pain)” received a huge love and appreciation. She is also the founder of an NGO, Sha’Ma (from darkness to light) where she has been there for the needy families mostly in the times of covid. Bisma Ayoub along with her sister Yusra Ayoub distributed the free food kits in the valley. Being a girl they break the stereotype of coming out and searching people and delivering them the necessities.

Bisma Ayoub is back again with her third book ‘Fail Fall Fly’ (faith over failure). When asked about the book and the motive of writing this book Bisma replied:

We as humans are looking for a perfect life or some are trying harder to make it perfect. But we are not ready to accept the fact that Life is imperfect, so no matter how much you edit a picture, how much you alter your clothes, how much you try to look good, how much you correct your captions Life is still going to be imperfect. The fact is editing or making something better is not the problem but making imperfection look like a problem is a problem.

We are so much into perfections that when something happens out of our plan we start getting anxious, we are not ready to accept ourselves in our real version. We are slowly slowly losing the essence of raw and real.

This book is just a quick reminder to all of us that no matter how imperfect life is going to be, start accepting it with all your heart. Start letting go rather than holding on. Live your life with perfection in imperfections. We face rejection, heartbreaks, our loved ones die, we end relations, we end friendships, we do everything or may be all this happens to us intentionally or unintentionally but remember to love yourself with all failures.

This book is filled with some lessons, either you relate or you make someone relate to those lessons. But these lessons are something we all go through in our lives at some point of time. So by the time you read them out, remember ‘With each passing day We fail, We fall and We fly’…

Life is too short to hold on to something which is going to have no return. Enjoy your stay and spread love and peace.

Courtesy : Sheikh Nadeem

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